Nestorians as an element of the same politics pursued in the 1924 Nestorian Rebellion, their being exploited as a military power was a strategic maneuver directed at weakening Türkiye’s domination in the Mosul Question. Following the suppression of the rebellion by the Republic of Türkiye, few Nestorians remaining in Hakkâri immigrated to Iraq. In the aftermath of the rebellion, Nestorians came to realization of the fact that the British promises were not real and that they were nothing but stratagems and subterfuge.
Literature on the Nestorians are limited. Most of the available sources serve to the claims alleging, “Nestorians’ were subjected to genocide”. With this in mind, the issue was narrowed down and exploited as a political propaganda in the western literature. In this research, the issue was scrutinized in depth within the framework of historical and academic objectivity and was meticulously studied to attain the truth.

KİTABIN ADI: NESTORIANS (Missionaries-Betrayals-Revolts)
ISBN: 978-625-6775-31-2